A way for businesses, from small to large, to have access to CEO talent without costing a fortune.

What You Need To Know About Fractional CEO

A fractional CEO is hired by a company to fill an executive role for a ‘fraction’ of full-time work and eliminate the costs of long-term commitments, high-end salaries and all the employee costs that come with the job.

Leadership roles are changing, especially in the face of remote work and decentralized teams. Executive leadership for many small, medium and even large companies has become an on-demand need. Fractional CEOs fill that demand, offering the best of both top-level leadership skills and affordable solutions to specific business challenges.

With the average SA CEO salary between R1.5m-R2.5m (talent.com, 2023), it makes business sense to tap into hands-on expertise without massive salary expectations and implications.

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Strong track record of delivery and profitable growth

Cross functional expertise

Deep industry knowledge

Get to the heart of the matter quickly

Proven ways of working & “Can do” attitude



Our expertise drives results and sustainable growth.

Managing Growth

Helping businesses navigate and optimise growth opportunities to achieve sustainable success.

Turnaround Strategies

Helping businesses identify and implement effective turnaround strategies to restore profitability.

Leading The Business

Partnering with businesses to provide leadership development and guidance on strategic initiatives to achieve sustained growth and success.

Leadership Development

Helping individuals and organizations enhance their leadership skills and capabilities through coaching, training, and development programs.

Business Strategy

Assisting businesses in developing and implementing effective strategies to achieve their goals and gain a competitive advantage.

Operational Execution

Working with businesses to efficiently execute and track their plans. Quicker, faster and smarter.


Helping businesses launch and promote products/services successfully, ensuring a smooth introduction to the market


We help you obtain financial resources and funding for your projects

Marketing & Sales Strategy

We develop customized Marketing and Sales Strategies to drive growth and increase revenue.

Sales Planning/

Helping businesses increase revenue by optimizing their sales processes and strategies

Integrated Communications

Helping businesses effectively communicate their message through cohesive and strategic marketing across multiple channels.

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At Fractional CEO, we offer the tools to help your business thrive. 


It is a way for businesses, from small to large, to have access to CEO talent without costing a fortune and a way for businesses to unlock profitable growth expertise, original suggestions and in-depth knowledge to improve company effectiveness.

Businesses can leverage experience from diverse industries (such as Food, Beverages, Financial Services, Retail, and Technology) to address problems and accelerate growth.

Our approach enables companies to tap into a proven track record of problem-solving, which can help them scale their operations more effectively.

Gain Access by adopting this strategy, businesses gain access to unparalleled strategic thinking and operational excellence, which can be critical to their success.

An effective way for businesses to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, while also improving their competitiveness in the market.


You’ve outgrown your operational model and need to step change

If the strategy is unclear or the operational execution is sub-optimal

To plug a vacancy whilst you recruit the long term person

When you have too much on your plate and don’t have a COO

When you lack key industry specific expertise

When you need an injection of fresh thinking

You have great operations people but they are missing the strategic skills to fully add value to the business


Always clear scope and deliverables with agreed success criteria

Road maps to chart progress against milestones

Regular check-ins with key sponsor(s)

100% accountable. We deliver what we commit to

Collaborative, open, honest. Strong relationship builders


Keith Stevens

A dynamic and successful CEO/MD/CMO with a career spanning 30 years
working with world class companies. He has a great balance between big picture
thinking and operational reality.

Experienced in growth, start up and turn around strategies. Keith has worked for
the world’s largest and most successful FMCG companies as well as led WPP’s global
boutique marketing consultancy, Added Value. As an entrepreneur, co-created 2 award winning beverage start ups. He is an experienced coach and mentor.
Keith lives in Cape Town with his family, enjoys hiking, and is a keen mountain biker and exuberant dinner party host.

  • Experienced cross-functional leader.
  • Deep marketing & sales experience.
  • Global brand builder
  • Talent developer and experienced business coach

Andy Sutcliffe

Andy has worked as a CEO for over 30 years both in Europe and Africa.
He founded, scaled and exited two businesses sold to Omnicom and Accenture.
He has deep experience working with blue chip clients across various sectors
including Unilever, Amazon, Mercedes, ABinBev, Distell and Coca Cola.
Andy lives in Cape Town with his family, and is addicted to coffee and winning
ugly on the tennis court.

  • Built & exited 2 agencies/businesses.
  • Creating and executing growth strategies.
  • Talent developer and experienced mentor.
  • Culture creator.

Our Case Studies

A Senior Leader in a consumer electronics business with multiple categories and markets
was struggling to have an impact on the revenue line and on talent development.
Due to the Client’s extensive international business travel commitments and his remote
decentralized teams, we agreed to have 1:1 Power hours every 2 weeks with a Line
Manager(Regional MD) check in every 8 weeks.
A light diagnostic including 360 feedback revealed the following key issues needed
1) What are the key 3 priorities for the next 6-12 months?
2) How to stop doing my Team’s work and add the most value to the organization?
3) How to intentionally delegate to focus on the 3 key priorities and empower my team
on opportunity areas, not tasks
4) How to co-create a personal development plan for each Team member.
Hitting the financials quarter by quarter and the best ever employee engagement scores.

Zebu aims to be the world’s best web3 marketing agency. The agency needed to bring in
management skills to work closely with the inexperienced founders to add firepower and
expertise to the business in order to sell the business by 2025.
Develop a clear roadmap for the business with key quarterly deliverables that we reported
back to the business on to keep track that we did what we said we would.
We converted 80%+ pipeline opportunities. We trebled revenue from our key industry
event, Zebu Live. We sold a 24 month business to Steven Bartlett’s Flight Story in March

34 is an ad agency helping brands and businesses build profitable transactions through
creative and effective solutions. Post COVID the agency needed to re-focus on and deliver
against aggressive new business targets in 2022.

We needed to shift the needle and convert 75%+ pipeline opportunities through the ‘A’
team focused on East African Region opportunities.
Our 2022/2023 conversion rate sits at 100% with the likes of Brookside Uganda, PZ Cussons,
Fairtrade and KWAL with their portfolio of Savanna, Hunters and Nederburg in our client
portfolio. The agency grew by 140% in 2022 and we are planning 80% YOY growth in 2023.

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